Village Sips

courtesy of ceiling via flickr

201 Bleecker Street (the storefront closely resembles the St. Marks location), New York, NY by Ceiling, CC-BY-2.0

A small red shop with gold lettering adorning its quaint storefront window drew me inside. “It smells like heaven,” I said to my boyfriend, and pulled him inside with me.

Scents of espresso, hints of cocoa and coconut filled the cozy shop with an alluring aroma. Shelves lined with teas, and bins filled with beans glinted from every corner. I breathed deeply and let the aroma imbue me with a sense of wellbeing.

Moments earlier, I had gleefully dubbed a cup of Mud coffee the “dessert” to my lunch of challah bread-grilled cheese and lentil soup at the venerable B&H diner. Coffee in hand, I couldn’t justify another cup.

Luckily, K bought a portion of fresh-ground Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, a satisfying dark roast which we took home with us. The taste has been described as “wine-like,” and I agree.

After staking out a prime fireside spot at the local Starbucks on Friday, I enjoyed a leisurely read of the New York Times. Leafing through, I came upon an article about the very coffee company I’d stumbled upon at 40 1/2 St. Marks Place (like Harry Potter’s Platform 9 3/4!) in New York. Grown over generations by an Italian family with deep Lower Manhattan roots, Porto Rico Importing Co. is the stuff of storybook New York. Read about it here.


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