Dear Agatha



Last weekend I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel. I admire Wes Anderson’s aesthetic—that of an alternate world almost timeless in its vintage quirk. The marginal status of the film’s female characters didn’t slip by my notice—yet I still enjoyed the movie. Given my affinity for pastel pastries, urchin-like heroines, and Peter Pan collars, all I can say about Agatha, the love interest of the film’s main character, Zero, is: She is EVERYTHING. I adore this character.

Inspired by Agatha’s Heidi braids, quiet determination, and her rose, powder blue, and camel-colored clothes, I created the Polyvore set above. Only after selecting the scarf and blouse did I see that ModCloth’s cute copy matched my vision for the set: patisserie-themed blurbs accompany both the “Shirt and Sweet Tunic in Buttercream” and “Confectionary Calling Scarf.”

I was also delighted to discover this video, which provides a recipe for Agatha’s pièce de résistance, Courtesan au Chocolat:

The way that Agatha’s cameos captivate reminded me of another Anderson siren—The Darjeeling Limited’s Rita (played by Amara Karan)—who flickers in and out of the frame all too briefly. Is it the brevity of the bit part that makes these women so alluring? I am sure there is much to say, gender-wise, about the trope of the mystery woman. For additional thoughts about the film’s gender dynamics, see Rachel Simon’s article.


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