Summertime Sherbet Stripes


back2As I attempt my first outfit post, I have to express my respect for bloggers like Rebecca and Julie, who routinely produce flawless, artful portraits. I adore this little dress by Tea n Rose (a brand that seems to be available only in stores), but for now I’ll have to content myself with sharing these imperfect glimpses of it.

The skirt has a cream-colored lining that gives it a flouncy feel, and the pink, orange, tan, and white roundedcroppedfrontsunglassesstripes remind me of summertime treats like orange creamsicles or neapolitan ice cream. I found the dress at Buffalo Exchange  on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, California (there’s also an amazing Urban Outfitters surplus store across the street), and the moment I tried it on, it felt effortlessly right.

I paired it with my go-to woven sandals, and accessorized with my favorite coral rose ring, bought in San Francisco’s China Town. I like the way this outfit unites happy memories of both southern and northern California, yet is perfect for a sunny afternoon stroll in Maine. Mint nail polish adds a final touch of pastel whimsy. Oh, and a pair of oversized sunglasses toned down bright light to a golden glow.


Needless to say, this dress is good for twirling:polaroid




8 thoughts on “Summertime Sherbet Stripes

  1. I love that dress, and it looks especially great with your nails! I also am an avid second hand store shopper — some of my favorite clothes are from thrift stores or exchange stores. Three cheers for your Buffalo Exchange find!


    • Thanks! Yes, I love Buffalo Exchange and have shopped there since high school, when I also used to sell them some of my old clothes. This dress still had the tag on, so I think it might’ve been overstock. They have a great mix of affordable clothes and accessories, especially at the Ventura Blvd location I happened upon.


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