A Spot of Tea-spiration

Tea Time -

Tea Time – by rockylune

I can’t resist sharing this darling tea time Polyvore set by rockylune (who has a slew of sets worth perusing). I believe the flowers featured here could be called “tea roses”? I love the dash of pink amidst the sparkling white and leaf green. Whenever possible, I like to brighten up my apartment with a vase of flowers.

While I admire the updated Victorian aesthetic here, in terms of tea styling, I can’t say I’m much of an achiever. But I do like to use loose leaves, a tea pot, and a strainer, and pile it all on to a tea tray. I use an actual tea cup and saucer if I’m feeling fancy. During the warmer months, I’m much more inclined to drink iced tea, but I tend to be lazier about it, and have relied on tea sachets so far.

What are your tea time rituals?


8 thoughts on “A Spot of Tea-spiration

  1. I love tea, but for some reason don’t make it as often as I’d like to. I prefer it in the evenings, so I don’t usually pick real tea (with caffeine), but rather an herbal “tea” like rooibos or the like, in an embarrassingly large (USA sized) mug. Tea bags work for me, and I love loose tea, too — it feels lovely and fancy (even though a few friends from abroad have told me how they see tea bags as much nicer and more modern than loose leaf). A dash of sweetness? A splash of cream? These depend on my mood and fullness. And I’m with you: I always welcome a vase of flowers on the table next to me while I sip…

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    • Tea in the evening can be lovely. I can’t seem to shake my morning coffee habit, but as soon as a little fog shows up outside or the sky is a bit overcast, I like to warm up with tea throughout the afternoon onward. And like you, I’m enamored of loose leaves, but I’m not above using tea bags, either. I like to add milk to most black teas but not to herbal tea (though it can be good in rooibos). And a book is a nice addition, too.


  2. Tea is the greatest. I have a cuppa every morning while I work on my writing! During my first term at Oxford I would go out to tea with a friend each Sunday. A lavish habit I couldn’t sustain for very long, but hey. When in England. 😉


    • I love going out to tea! It’s so much fun to have a pretty spread along with the rejuvenating tea itself. I must say I am ever-envious and delighted that you were an American at Oxford.


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