Refreshing Rooibos at Selah Tea Cafe

Selah Tea Window

Recently, K and I stopped at one of my favorite teatime spots—Selah Tea Cafe, in Waterville, Maine.

When presented with an assortment of scrumptious teas, I often choose rooibos, a red tea made from the leaves of a South African plant. I like its earthy, slightly sweet taste, and the way it complements other favorite flavors, like vanilla and cinnamon.


This time, I chose a Belgian Chocolate rooibos. It was rich and fragrant, with a deep caramel color and a warming, reviving taste. The chocolatey herbal flavor comes from the addition of calendula (a flower resembling marigold) leaves and cacao (cocoa bean) pieces. Consider it a tea translation of well-crafted chocolate.

K ordered French press coffee, and my tea infusion came in a French press of its own, along with a little hourglass timer to let me know when my tea had steeped to its optimum level.


Breakfast sandwiches with sides of fruit and home fries transformed tea and coffee-time into a nourishing repast. It was just what I needed to refresh my spirits on a gray summer day, as I set out on the first part of our cross-country move.

The experience reminded me of the hearty teatime that has historically sustained British workers. The practice of blurring the line between high tea and supper shows that tea-taking is not only the delicate upper class ritual that often comes to mind.

Do you make time for tea during chaotic times? What are your favorite blends or varieties?



6 thoughts on “Refreshing Rooibos at Selah Tea Cafe

  1. I often reach for rooibos in the afternoon or during the evening (morning is for coffee and assam tea). Vanilla is my rooibos flavour of choice, but I had no idea there was a belgian chocolate flavour out there – sounds entirely delicious.


    • Yes, morning is for coffee for me, too. I love vanilla rooibos, but the Belgian chocolate was a nice change. It was a rich, dark herbal taste more than a literal chocolate taste, but delicious nonetheless.


  2. This looks absolutely delightful! I love small tearooms, there aren’t many locally but I still make time for a cup of tea every day, even if it is just PG Tips, although I do like peppermint sometimes, lovely pictures and writing as always Cory!


  3. Your cafe — your morning — looks so perfect in so many ways! I love tea and often reach for rooibos. Highwire Coffee Roasters in Rockridge (Oakland) carries the most amazing variety, called Capetown Rooibos. I once even made cookies out of it, to celebrate it. Highly recommended!


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