A Homey Visit

{things to be thankful for}

September Summer

A familiar stroll

California Plums

Plentiful plums for picking


A brimmed hat beneath the boughs


A bracelet borrowed from Mom


No makeup, messy hair, & a smile


Arty corners of the house seen with fresh eyes

Amidst the chaos of finding my own footing in northern California, it’s nice to spend some time at a place that already feels like home. It’s not where I grew up (my parents both moved to new places after I left for college), but it is where I’ve found reprieve from the strains of adulthood from time to time. With the “positivity challenge” threading through Facebook, I suppose this is my response—a way of looking at my current surroundings with new appreciation. This is a rather dreamy locale, isn’t it?

I still get a lighthearted feeling while wearing my striped peplum top (I debuted it here). A thrifted corduroy skirt adds a hint of autumn style, and my trusty ankle-strap leather sandals are cute but walkable. I can’t decide whether my straw hat is stylish or just practical, but it has certainly provided much-needed protection.

Though the season is beginning to show signs of change, it still feels like summer to me. I’ll be heading to the city again, soon, for what feels like a third-time’s-the-charm attempt at adulthood. Meanwhile, I want to spend a little more time basking in the sunlight, reading.

How are you spending these last days of summer-to-fall?


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