Home, as a Location

DSC04361DSC04380 DSC04372 DSC04388It’s strange but lovely to say I spent the first 18 years of my life in a surf town with beautiful beaches and a seaside amusement park.

On January 2, I revisited it. The same pizza, coffee, cookies, views. Since I spent most of the past decade elsewhere, it was familiar and fresh at once. It’s so very much the same, but not quite. You know?

It seems that every entry I write lately relates to the idea of home, but in this case, it takes the form of a very specific location.

After spending so many years in other regions, no one place can encompass everything that has formed me — yet it’s nice to think that the place that comes closest to fitting this description is one small, scenic city on the Monterey Bay.

What reminds you of home?



5 thoughts on “Home, as a Location

  1. Looks beautiful! For me, the idea of “home” relates more to my actual house than to New York City. As much as I love the city, I don’t think I’ve ever really considered it home. I felt more at home when I went to Hungary, and that seemed to be where I belonged, somehow.


    • That’s so cool that you were able to connect to Hungary on such a level. I like to think that Northern California, with its fog and green, might be somewhat similar to Scotland, where some of my ancestors were from. But that’s just a fantasy of mine.


  2. Home. An evocative word, very subjective. I’m an Englishman, born in the south west of that sceptered isle, and yet by the time I was six months old I was living in Malta, followed by Singapore, Thailand, Cyprus, Hong Kong and many others. I then did a long spell in the military before finally arriving in north west France, where I currently reside. Home is where you make it I think, and I’ve spent longer in this house than any other, thus, home for me is where i live. There is no other place quite like it on earth (that I’ve visited of course) and every time I return to it, I’m thankful to live where I do.


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